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The Untold Story DVD

The Untold Story of the Suffragists of Newfoundland (1999) is a docu-drama celebrating the thirty year struggle by the women of Newfoundland to win the right to vote. The Untold Story was awarded third place in documentary filmmaking at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, California in 1999.


Stealing Mary DVD

STEALING MARY is a "CSI-style" forensic investigation into the tragic disappearance of the Beothuk people of Newfoundland. Two human skulls in a Scottish museum help solve a kidnapping, murder and cover-up that took place 200 years ago in the remote interior of the island.


Fool Proof DVD

Fool Proof takes us on an international roller coaster ride as we explore the history and art of clowning. With professional clown Beni Malone as ringmaster, this one hour documentaryshowcases a recent renaissance of the most animated performing arts.


Tricksters DVD

Released in October 2005, Tricksters takes the viewer to the remote Innu communities of Northern Labrador where they celebrate their aboriginal culture in an annual festival with Wonderbolt Circus.


Mind Your Eyes

Mind Your Eyes is Marian Frances White's second book of poetry. Through her direct yet subtle voice that is carved from the elemental longing of life in Newfoundland, White takes us on a journey through the secrets of her ancestral survival, to travels that conjure up the beauty of a Jamaican night, or a communion with the Greek gods and goddesses.


Not a Still Life - The art and writings of artist Rae Perlin

1991 - Editor Marian Frances White
The art and writings of artist Rae Perlin
Killick Press, NF:

Over 100 art reproductions of artwork are presented here by a woman who has created visual art, wrote essays and commentary since the 1930's.


Skinny Dipping

1996 White’s first book of poetry
Published by gynergy books, P.E.I.

White rips superficialities from language, seeking the palpitating energy of verbs - both crude and deluxe, the crucial heart of poetry.
George Elliot Clarke


Sights Before Christmas

Written by Beni Malone and Marian Frances White