St. Mary’s Bay

Shameless affectionate gannets
mate by the thousands
before ageless granite
hills green with victory
they have won a corner of the world
no small wonder
why here
and not the next ocean erect cliff
another age old question
the sheep baa to the gannet grrr
tourists leave 
lens closed
past patches of open iris

Marian Frances White 
2 stanzas, 15 lines
(taken from Mind Your Eyes)

Book Binders

Spines press
into a futon
our layers unfold
like leaves of a book
we bind our wor(l)d
shape the dialogue within our bodies
title our forehead for lovers’ eyes
press our lips to hold our wor(l)d
our fingers the thread that writes
the lines of our skin like prologues
using sandpaper to curve this fiction
made rough from a lifetime of leather drafts
the tools we use to shape this day
this body binding hour
are not clamps or hammers or punches
but finishing tools – our bodies
the hot plate that supports the cradle
our bodies the press boards thick enough
to not warp this story
our bodies make book binders
eager to work
long into the night

Marian Frances White
from Skinny Dipping, 1996